uhhuh I just want to be a pie
I just want to be a pie

welcome, 18 and French  I'm a pie and I do pie things it's cool and stuff definitely thinking about changing my URL in sillylittlepiethings. feel free to ask stuff

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Well I mean.. He’s so much…and I’m….i-i really don’t know what to say. Thank you, I suppose.

it’s always a pleasure, like it is to speak with both of you

Wait really? I remind you of CFF?

yes really :D like he’s really nice and youre too, he write really well and you too and well romerica

green tea ice cream, jasmine tea, orange tea:

green tea ice cream :a blog that reminds me of yours

I’m hesitating between coffee-flavored-fate and rhapsodosinblue so yeah 

 jasmine tea: an unpopular opinion that i have

so it’s a bit on the personnal side but I really think that the French team for horse riding would win a bit more if they trained horse for gaited dressage more than for jumping or cross

orange tea: a secret that i’ve kept

it depend on what kind of secret and for the moment I can’t think of any sorry :L


Yeah but punk!Norway still being a doting older brother and singing soft acoustic versions of his music as lullabies for Iceland.

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