uhhuh I just want to be a pie
I just want to be a pie

welcome, 18 and French  I'm a pie and I do pie things it's cool and stuff definitely thinking about changing my URL in sillylittlepiethings. feel free to ask stuff


When she’s 10, Elicia Hughes’ school holds a father-daughter dance.

Roy takes her.

hii! i love your art. it's very beautiful! i was wondering, what do you think of prussia x romano?



They are playing like a puppy.


it seems that everyone i’m friends with is better friends with someone else and that really fucking sucks 


everyone’s got that couple of fanfics that you just read over and over even though you practically know it by heart because it’s so perfect it’s like a favorite book and you just catch yourself clicking to a random chapter on it because it’s so good it’s comforting to reread it

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